What is CodeCorner ?

The software development platform CodeCorner aims at providing support to projects and project teams for development and maintenance of applications, especially Java applications. Setting up a new project is largely automated, greatly reducing the startup time. Project access, version management, issue tracking, automatic builds and backup and quality monitoring for example are already in place from day one. Participating projects also have the benefit of good accessibility (24x7), security and integration of tooling and resources.

CodeCorner consists of a web portal providing access to various tools, such as the issue and task tracker (Jira), code repository and version management tools (Subversion or Git/Gitlab), continuous build host (Jenkins or Gitlab-runner), build quality monitoring (SonarQube) and for each project a private site with dedicated wiki, project documentation and project repository.

If you would like to know more about CodeCorner, please check our Wiki. For more information about the Terms of Use you may contact the CodeCorner service manager .

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Apply for an account ?

You may apply for an account if you have an e-mail address in the domains @codecorner.nl, @ordina.nl, @ordina.be or @clockwork.nl. Otherwise you may request access via the project lead of a CodeCorner project.

Questions or problems ? Mail the CodeCorner support team .

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